Prezi for Prezident

Presentation update: It is but 18 days until my presentation and I have found my secret weapon…

PowerPoint you can go home now, for I have discovered the magic that is PREZI!

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 12.35.32 am

With special guests Angela, Vladimir and Barack

Prezi was recommended to me by my Mum. Now Mum is my go to person for many things, but technology is not one of them (if I am to believe my sister, Mum discovered Google maps just last weekend- better late than never Mum). So I was pleasantly surprised to the point of thrilled when she led me to Prezi. An interactive, flexible canvas for presenting ideas. Mum is a school principal and apparently Prezi is the presentation software du jour in the education world.

Now nothing against PowerPoint, but it sure is nice to have something else on the menu when it comes to preparing a presentation. Prezi allows you to create a single board of ‘frames’, with each frame housing a different talking point. The presenter can zoom in, out and between frames as they transition from one topic to another. This looks especially cool when occurring atop a fabulous photograph. Not that I have many of those to choose from, having made the unfortunate mistake of taking most of my photographs in ‘square’ mode while on my recent trip (priority: Instagram, I assume).

I have decided to use Prezi for my presentation on negotiation. I made a start this evening. It is slow going, like learning a new game or language, but the programme is fairly intuitive and I am detecting early progress.

The only downfall is that there is limited room for text. Depending on your approach to presentations, this can be a good thing. I know I particularly like a visual presentation with key headings and prompts only (with a bit of personality) and for the presenter to do the rest. However I appreciate that some presentations warrant a bit more textual information for the audience, and the take-home reader. For my presentation on negotiation, I think headings, key points and photographs of Angela Merkel ought to do the job just fine.

So now I venture down the rabbit hole of Prezi, and wave goodbye to early nights as I go. If I can give my audiences something eye-catching and something of interest, then it will all be worth my while.

Give it a go!: 


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