Two Things I Learnt From Ordinary Life

Tiramisu and running. Oxymoronic I know, but both unlikely sources of learning for me this weekend. Ordinarily and by definition, this blog is a place for me to record lessons I learn from books, articles, podcasts and other predictable springs of thought leadership material. Real, evidence-based, life-altering lessons. But today, if you’ll forgive an impromptu departure from the usual format, I’d like to talk about a couple of simple things I learnt from a mundane weekend at home.


The morning after the night before

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Unrest Holidays

Are you making the most of your annual leave?  Are your holidays notably #lifealtering? Do you return from your travels a changed person?

If you answered no to any of the above,  there may be something missing from your itinerary. And it’s not sleep, cocktails or pasta from the kitchen of an Italian mama (though these are admirable traits in a holiday). What you need is some stress.

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