Top Reads 2015

Books are like school for adults. And therapy.

Thanks in part to a 6 week trip away, I’ve laughed, sobbed, and aha-momented my way through a good stack of fiction and non-fiction books this year. So I thought I would list my top reads here. So that you can read them too. But also so that future me does not forget about them, as is the raison d’être of this blog.


Top 5

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When it’s right to be wrong, and other lessons from B-grade celebrity heroes

I’ve been on a bit of a B Grade celebrity novel binge. Now, if that sounds derogatory, it’s not meant to. I like my Australian celebrities B grade. Journalists, authors, media commentators, particularly women, have always enthralled me. Much more so than the A-listers, with their tightly controlled and enigmatic personas. No, I like my celebrities like I like my pantry staples: home brand.


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