If I won the lottery…

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Recently I came up with a decidedly terrific answer to this. I’ve since discovered that my idea is not original, so I’ll have to shelve it. But I’ll stick with the same concept because its a good one: social enterprise. For a lottery winner needs a purpose, not a pay check.


Handwash with a side of smug. Wouldn’t you?

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Let the games begin

As children, our parents made up little games to motivate us to complete difficult and mundane tasks.

‘Hop in the car please’ never worked. ‘Race you to the car!’ did. ‘Quiet please’ saw us chatting seconds later. ‘I’ll time you and see if you can stay quiet for 1 hour’ hushed us for half that time.

A few choice words had our 5-year-old selves tackling the simplest of tasks like they were the greatest personal challenges of our lifetime. How so?

If I run and don't Strava, did I even run at all?

If I ran and didn’t Strava, did I even run at all?

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