Why are we here?

If someone were to describe you in two words, what would you like them to be?

I agree, two is not enough. But if I were to choose, mine would be:

Interesting and interested.

Interesting, because it’s the opposite of boring, and I like to be in on the conversation, not just listening up the back.

And interested, because for all the things I have learnt, there are many, many more I have to learn, and I am all for that.

Because I am a visual learner, I have illustrated the interesting/ interested phenomenon thusly:
InterestingFrom this extensively scientific diagram, it is abundantly clear that in order to become more interesting I must learn new things. So beyond my work and study, I look for material from which I can acquire new knowledge and skills.

Because I don’t have the time nor the inclination to upskill in the areas of neuroscience and organic gardening simultaneously, I tend to stick to the few topics that are of the greatest interest to me. These could be broadly categorised as professional skills and include:

communication; productivity; leadership; management; negotiation; dispute resolution

Just so you know I am a well-rounded (normal) person I should tell you that I am also interested in:

cooking, travel, outdoor activities such as run/walking, skiing and biking and flipping between three apps on my iPhone.

As I am an expert in none but the latter of these topics, I look to thought leaders for my lessons. Thought leaders are experts who possess, above and beyond their expected knowledge base, the foresight and panache to advance new ideas and influence others in their fields of expertise. Think Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, Jamie Oliver. Garden variety experts made great on the back of big, new ideas and cult-making delivery.

Thought leadership material is abundant and readily available. I turn to books, blogs, podcasts and eavesdropping.

Which brings me to the purpose of this place. When I learn new information or hear a great anecdote, I make a mental note to remember it. Given my propensity to forget a name mid-handshake, I have determined that this is no longer a viable information management plan.

So I have decided to take some notes. Right here. To chronicle the things I learn.

Like a diary, but I’ll let you read it too.


One thought on “Why are we here?

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