The slow ascent of wooded hills on a sunny day

Two months before the 9/11 attacks, FBI Special Agent Kenneth Williams noticed suspicious activity in Phoenix, Arizona. He spotted several Arab men taking flying lessons in the Phoenix area. The odd thing was, the men did not want to practice take-offs and landings. Special Agent Williams sent a letter to FBI HQ on July 10, 2001 warning about a possible terrorist mission. The leaders at FBI HQ found the contents of the letter to be so unusual that they opted not to act upon it. The letter was to become the famous “Phoenix Memo”.

You are an ideas man, Steve

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Cars and space

If someone had offered me a book about cars and space, I would have politely declined. Cars and space don’t tend to fall within the scope of my interests. Fortunately, I didn’t know that Elon Musk, the biography, had strong car and space themes when I added it to cart thinking it would unfold in a standard Silicon Valley profile type of way. Because, as it happens, Elon Musk’s version of cars and space makes for compelling reading. I absolutely loved this book.



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When it’s right to be wrong, and other lessons from B-grade celebrity heroes

I’ve been on a bit of a B Grade celebrity novel binge. Now, if that sounds derogatory, it’s not meant to. I like my Australian celebrities B grade. Journalists, authors, media commentators, particularly women, have always enthralled me. Much more so than the A-listers, with their tightly controlled and enigmatic personas. No, I like my celebrities like I like my pantry staples: home brand.


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