From Boring to Barack in 30 days

Earlier this year, in a mood that could only be described as overconfident with a dash of Kanye, I marched into my boss’ office and declared that I would like to give a presentation on negotiation (post-LSE of course). At the time of this ambush, London, and back, seemed awfully far away, ample time to morph into Barack Obama and fulfil my life ambition to ‘give a good speech’. I should note that by presentation I mean 1 hour seminar to 50 or so of my colleagues as part of our fortnightly continuing professional development programme. Not a big deal. I repeat, not a big deal. But of course I can’t help treating it like my Presidential inauguration address.

So, with just 30 days and 30 nights until my maiden monologue, my evening (and foreseeable future) looks like this…


Can I just say BATNA for 1 hour?

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