Don’t Leave Before You Leave (Two Love Stories)

Ahh Lean In. It would be hard to overstate my love for this book, or my respect for its author, Sheryl Sandberg. Lean In was the book of 2013. I know of multinational firms that have bought a copy for each of their partners. If I were the boss, I would do the same.


Sheryl my girl

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Am I “Successful”?

Money. Power. More money. According to Arianna Huffington, that’s all we want. Huffington says that this traditional measure of success is turning us into stressed-out, joyless humans. And that we need to redefine the money/ power index to include a third metric: well-being. But isn’t my meditating, cross-fitting, fundraising, baking generation already doing that? I believe so.


Let’s Thrive

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